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Acidophilus is a fermented milk drink. The word itself comes from the Latin acidus - sour and Greek φιλέω - I love. The drink is made by ripening pasteurized cow's milk with the help of special bacteria. Like other dairy products, acidophilus is absorbed by the human body much better than regular milk due to the fermentation of lactose. Therefore, this product is used in medical and dietary nutrition, including children.

In 1903, the doctor I. O. Podgaetsky in St. Petersburg isolated a lactic acid bacillus, called acidophilic. It turned out that the acidophilus bacillus is more effective and takes root in the intestine better than the Bulgarian. In a word, acidophilus bacillus is an excellent doctor of our body. Now it is widely used in the production of dairy products.
Acidophilic bacillus is one of the varieties of lactic acid bacteria, which tends not to collapse, like others, under the action of digestive juices, it is much better than other lactic acid bacteria, takes root in the human colon, and its metabolic products have a broad bactericidal effect, that is, they inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, suppress putrefactive and fermentation processes.
For the preparation of acidophilus, use a combined leaven. It consists of equal quantities of acidophilus sticks, lactic streptococcus and kefir fungi. In the production of acidophilus, pasteurized cow milk is fermented at a temperature not lower than 32 ° C for 10-12 hours. It turns out a thick, somewhat viscous drink of a slightly pungent taste. Acidophilus is made and sweet by adding sugar. It is intended for baby food mainly.
In pure cultures of acidophilus sticks, without the addition of other lactic acid bacteria, produce acidophilus milk. Acidophilic milk has a non-acute sour-milk taste, and in appearance it resembles liquid sour cream, slightly volatile.
In addition to acidophilus and acidophilus milk, the industry produces acidophilus yeast milk, acidophilic paste, acidophilic curd. It is desirable that these products are included in the daily menu, especially children.

What are the benefits of acidophilus wand?

Acidophilic bacillus, becoming a permanent inhabitant of the human intestine, improves its microflora, on which the processes of digestion and, consequently, health depend. Acidophilus is especially useful in chronic intestinal diseases, including chronic dysentery. The systematic use of acidophilus eliminates discomfort in the intestine, improves the overall condition.
Acidophilic products are also recommended for those who suffer from colitis, liver diseases. Acidophilic products are very useful in the use of antibiotics. They prevent the development of diseases that can occur as a result of the suppression of beneficial intestinal microflora by antibiotics. Acidophilic products are recommended for patients with tuberculosis, as well as for children who have been diagnosed with tuberculous intoxication. They also serve as a good tonic for exhaustion, anemia, asthenia (weakness).
Due to the increased content of B vitamins, acidophilic drinks are necessary if the body is deficient in these vitamins. Regular use of acidophilus helps to eliminate migraines and relieve stress. This fax is scientifically proven.
Acidophilic products, as well as other acidic foods, are contraindicated only for patients with gastritis with increased acidity, peptic ulcer disease, pancreatitis, especially during the period of exacerbation.
Abroad, an acidophilus bacillus in the form of a dry preparation is prescribed to persons treated with antibiotics. For example, in England a dry preparation "Epras" is prepared, which contains a dry culture of acidophilic sticks. They are resistant to penicillin, streptomycin and other antibiotics. This drug retards the development of certain pathogenic microbes and has a stimulating effect on the growth of children. In the United States and other countries, attempts are made to use acidophilic bacteria in the creation of therapeutic products. However, the strains of these microorganisms present there are weak acid-forming agents, as a result of which they are used only in the production of the so-called sweet acidophilus.

How long is acidophilus stored

Like any fermented milk product, acidophilus retains all its beneficial properties for only three days; under certain conditions, the Drink is stored in tightly closed packaging and at a temperature not higher than 8 ° C.

Preparation of acidophilus at home

For the preparation of acidophilus milk is pasteurized at a temperature of 90-95 ° C for 30 minutes, cooled to + 40 ° C, add a culture of acidophilus sticks (can be purchased at the pharmacy or add a portion of the store acidophilus), stirred and left for 10 hours at room temperature.
For the preparation of secondary ferment in milk, intended for fermentation, add the primary starter at the rate of 50 ml per 1 liter and prepare in the same way as the primary starter. After 5-6 hours, the secondary ferment is ready. It is used for fermentation of the following portions of acidophilus.
Acidophilus is considered ready if a tight clot has formed and serum has slightly separated. Acidophilus can be mixed with sugar, honey, berry or fruit juices, consumed immediately.

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What are the benefits of acidophilus wand?
What are the benefits of acidophilus wand?