And are you ready? Part two. Preparing for the TRP

Fizkult-hello! This is again the project "Are you GOTOV?". Here we are preparing for the delivery of TRP standards. Last time I spent for you a small historical educational program. And in this material we will step by step analyze each stage of preparation before passing the sports tests. Go.

Stories and stories about the TRP are all good - and what needs to be done to pass the standards? Where to enroll? Where to go? You ask! Calmly - I answer - to pass the TRP you need to go through 5 simple steps.

Calmly - I answer - to pass the TRP you need to go through 5 simple steps


Step One: Registration

The path to a healthy lifestyle does not begin with charging, but with a computer. First, the TRP organization has an official website. You need to log in and register. Do not be afraid! There is nothing complicated. The same registration in "VKontakte" is 10 times more difficult. During registration, you need to correctly specify all your data: name, surname, height, weight, etc. So there is no need to hurry.

After registration you need to choose your age category. And here you need to stop in more detail.

All standards are divided into categories and age groups. Categories: for schoolchildren, for men and for women. Each of them has its own age groups. They are called steps. For schoolchildren it is 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15 and 16-17 years old. The same system for both men and women. It all starts at age 18 and ends at level 70 and above. Difficult? And here's more data.

Each stage has its own standards, but there are mandatory standards that must be performed by all without exception. If you want a gold badge, then you need to pass 8 tests, for silver 7 and for bronze you need to pass 6 standards. I will try to pass all the tests. Running at 100m, 3 km, long jump from the spot, pulling and tilting forward from a standing position, etc. The entire list of tests is available on the TRP website.

Step two: filling out the application for the passage of standards

After the end of registration you will be asked to fill out an application for the passage of standards. In it, you must specify the day and time when it is convenient for you to pass the test. And here, too, there are no difficulties. The form is as simple as possible. Even a child can handle it. You fill in the name, surname and choose the date.

Step Three: Getting the Medical Admission

Finally, we come to the main stage of preparation. Medical examination. No matter what you are an athlete and how would you feel, you must check your health. With this, the jokes are bad. You will have serious loads. And the organizers must be sure that you are fine. Just do not be scared - the procedure of medical admission is not complicated, the main thing is to clarify what to do.

First, you must go to your GP therapist. He will conduct an examination, assess the state of health, conduct a survey and assign you tests. We are not afraid of the word analyzes - the blood in liters will not be taken!

We are not afraid of the word analyzes - the blood in liters will not be taken

Nothing complicated - you need to donate blood and urine. All this was done more than once. Then you will need to go through an ECG. This can be done in your clinic or apply to paid services. According to the results of the examination, the general practitioner will assess your condition and if everything is good, he will issue you a certificate that will allow you to pass all TRP tests.

Step Four: Testing Knowledge and Skills

At this stage you will need to pass the test. Not USE is a normal test in which you can make mistakes. This testing is needed to increase your literacy. The test presents questions about the history of the movement of the TRP, questions on the knowledge of standards, rules for performing exercises.

Step Five: Test Execution

Now we got to the most important and interesting with you. Compliance with regulations. When all the previous stages have been completed, all documents have been received, you can begin preparing for the implementation of the TRP. But do not rush. Before performing the standards, it is necessary to consult with a specialist from the sports field.

I found such an expert for you. Meet Yana Echevskaya. Yana has been working as a personal trainer for several years. She helps people to keep themselves in shape, lead a healthy lifestyle and tells you how to play sports.

- Yana, the first and so trivial question is, can an ordinary, unprepared person pass the standards to the rto?

- In principle, everything is possible, but you have to look at what kind of physical training a person has from the beginning. Sometimes it happens that a person who is not prepared can run and show the result better than a professional athlete.

- Is it possible to pass the standards of the TRP by preparing only on their own, without the help of a professional trainer?

- I think so, maybe. But only under the condition that competently approach training. You can independently read sports literature and search for information on the Internet, how to train yourself. The main thing - it is very responsible and serious about training.

- What difficulties will a person face when preparing for the TRP?

- It all depends on the person. The main difficulties are physical exertion. You need to properly prepare your body: warm up, good nutrition and daily routine. Everything must be taken into account. And despite the fact that the tests for all are the same, the preparation for each will take place individually. Also, do not forget about health. It is necessary to control each training your condition.

- What tips as a professional trainer can you give to an ordinary person who decided to pass the TRP?

- Before starting preparation, it is worth studying the theory. How to prepare, by what methods, what is needed for this, pros and cons, and only then proceed to practice, that is, to training.

Well, now you know about the TRP all and even more. Next time you will learn how to properly prepare yourself for compliance with regulations. I will tell you all the secrets of preparation.

Love sports, play sports - and be always ready!