How to eat?

How to eat?

We rarely think about this issue We rarely think about this issue. Meanwhile, it is one of the most important aspects of proper, healthy nutrition. It is important not only to eat high-quality, healthy food, but also to do it according to all the rules.

  1. Do not eat immediately after serious physical exertion: exercise, heavy physical work, hypothermia or overheating of the body, as well as after violent emotions. Immediately after such loads, the body is not until the release of digestive juices. Take at least a half hour break.
  2. Each meal should start with raw vegetables or fruits. Eat them whole or in the form of salads. Vegetables and fruits, eaten on an empty stomach, stimulate the digestive glands, the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora. Apples, cabbage of all kinds (white, cauliflower, broccoli ...), carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet peppers are especially useful in this regard. Cabbage, by the way, can be consumed and fermented - this is one of the very few products that, when prepared for the future, almost do not lose their beneficial properties.
  3. But along with the thermally processed food, and even more immediately after it, raw vegetables and fruits should not be consumed - in this case they contribute to the processes of rotting and fermentation in the intestines. Eating fruits for dessert is bad!
  4. Chew food thoroughly. When chewing, not only mechanical grinding of food occurs (which facilitates the work of all other parts of the digestive tract), but also partial breakdown of carbohydrates and some proteins under the action of enzymes contained in saliva.
  5. Eat slowly, take breaks between dishes - at least 5, and preferably 10 minutes. Breakfast and dinner should last at least half an hour, lunch - at least 40 minutes.
  6. Do not drink immediately before eating, during and immediately after a meal. An exception can be made only if you eat very dry food, which can be taken in small sips. Water, other drinks wash off saliva from the mouth, dilute gastric juice, which adversely affects the digestion of food. It is necessary to drink at least half an hour before meals and not earlier than one hour after meals.
  7. Do not eat very cold (well below room temperature) and very hot (burning mouth and lips) food and drinks. It is undesirable to combine hot and cold dishes in one meal.
  8. Immediately after eating, do not take up work, but rest a little. But do not lie or sleep. The best is a leisurely walk. The break should be at least 15 minutes in the case of light work and at least half an hour in the case of severe physical activity. And for serious sports, the break between the end of the meal and the beginning of the workout should be at least an hour.

Source: blot. ru

The most useful products for every day

Recently, American experts have published another list of the most useful products for the body, which should be included in the daily diet of each person. In the best way the immune system improves the fermentation products: lactic acid products, in particular, yogurt, kefir, yogurt; as well as sauerkraut and even pickled cucumbers.

Snooze Saga

Regardless of whether we are leading a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym, we strictly count calories, stick to fractional nutrition, or assume that from six meals a day, even a teaspoon can be inflated, like Winnie the Pooh; Regardless of whether we spend our days in the office or are more often at home.

And what do you eat?

Not all foods that are sold in stores and markets should be eaten. In the last 30-40 years, the food industry has increasingly become one of the branches of the chemical industry. Do not allow yourself to be crippled and made a source of unjust income. General recommendations for children and adults.


Breakfast should be ‚like a king‚ eat lunch ‚like a fastfastrintz, and have dinner‚ like a beggar ‚says popular wisdom. But modern nutritionists are convinced: the morning meal will energize you, provide the body with about 25% of the daily calorie requirement and prevent weight gain. In pursuit of a slim figure, for fear of getting better, do not neglect breakfast.

Nutritional psychology

The concept of "healthy lifestyle" has firmly entered our lives. Lead a healthy lifestyle today fashionable. We all know that this term includes physical activity, a balanced menu and mental health. Have you thought about the connection that exists between our diet and psyche? Unbalanced diet can lead to depression, memory impairment.

How to eat?
And what do you eat?
Have you thought about the connection that exists between our diet and psyche?