How to speak with a man on the phone to interest him. How to interest a guy on the phone? Rules of telephone conversations with men. How to talk with your boyfriend on the phone

The French writer and thinker Nicolas de Chamfort said that a woman is like a shadow: when you run after her, she rushes from you, but when you leave, she follows you. But in the days of Champhor, women held an exceptionally passive position in mating games and, as a rule, did not act as their initiators. Today, in the era of polls female emancipation , the fair sex with might and main is active in building an intimate relationship with a strong sex. And what has been revealed to women in this experience? Yes, only that men behave the same way!

Start with the word "Good afternoon" and talk to the person at the other end of the line with the name. Then name your full name and company. The first words of a telephone call are crucial to attract the attention of the listener. Speak clearly that you also understand.

Talk to your interlocutor. In the conversation, enter the name of the person you are talking to. This usually happens at the beginning and at the end of a conversation, but also between them you can again call that name. Then the opposite feels personally addressed. If the named person has a name, for example, the name of the doctor, you also call it.

Coldness and tranquility, the lack of any attention is warming them and making them seek love, but it is worth taking only a couple of decisive steps in response, as apathy attacks a man, and he throws only fleeting and lazy glances at yesterday's subject of his desire. The Lord probably mocks a lot over our comical writhing in the task of arranging personal happiness.

This applies to both the relevant interlocutor and the use of the plural. Example: “Mrs. Muller, what do you want for a bathroom color?”. This is completely unprofessional, even if “Du” is more common in trade than in other industries.

About the voice heard a lot. Basically: be convincing with your voice and your tongue and act credibly. Do not try to move, your call partner will remember this quickly. If you make short sentences, you can follow them better. Up to 13 words in one sentence is easiest to understand, both in written correspondence and in conversations. Anything that goes beyond this becomes less understandable, and even very long sentences are incomprehensible. And: It is also easier to talk without bringing a lot of air between them.

Having recently engaged in an active game , women ask each other many questions and share experiences. Is it possible to fit a feather? How to properly display signs of attention, so as not to frighten off? Can I call first? Write first? From all this, sometimes starts to feel dizzy.

Yes, and modern " knights " are also disappointing, every day more and more. They have become so fearful - what about the dragons, if they are afraid to even approach the lady of the heart? Most of the dating takes place on the Internet and the Internet remains the same. Rarely, what kind of communication comes to the stage of exchanging numbers and telephone conversations. Yes, and here there are many new questions about whether to call herself or wait just for his call, what to do if he doesn’t call, what to talk about and, most importantly, how unobtrusively to push the gentleman to more active actions? For a date, for example?

If you speak too long, speak without a comma and a comma; Your listener disconnects at some time. Adjust the speed of performance. Adjust conversation speed for your call partner. If he or she speaks slowly, try to focus on him. If you speak fast, you can also speak faster. It is important that you adapt to others and thereby create a “wavelength”. Then your interlocutor easier to talk to you. By adapting to another, you create liking, security, and coherence — important foundations of a successful telephone call.

Well, let's start in order. It is best not to call , and not at all because it is a sign of bad taste, it is not accepted and the grandmother scolds. Just as it was written above, a man needs to seek a woman so that he does not lose interest in her. And, it is worth calling first, and he will start to imagine himself as the first guy in the village. What can we say about the date - it is worth the girl to take the initiative and invite the guy to a meeting, in most cases he will immediately dismiss the peacock tail. Of course, there are happy exceptions, but exceptions are not in vain so named.

In general, your listener generates too much speech. If you cannot follow you, the tension increases with the listener. Result: the call does not reach the desired destination. Q: If you are too fast, they will not understand you. He does not always ask if he understands something. Again, you risk losing potential customers.

Like speed, volume can also be adjusted. If someone speaks very quietly, you should also turn down the volume of your voice. If you speak out loud, you can also speak a little louder. The only exception is that there are emotions in the game, and someone shouts at you, because they are annoyed, do not shout! Then the opposite is true: be calm and calm and recognize the emotions of your interlocutor.

In general, if a guy does not call for a day or two , this is not a reason to put an end to it. It is quite possible that he himself is following some stupid textbook pick-up, who tells him to be as restrained as possible in the expression of his interest. But if there are no calls for three or four days, then you can already remind yourself. Not necessarily a call. This could be some message in social network sms But you do not need to write anything, like: "Why don't you call something?" - this is a losing option. It is better to write something neutral. If he, so to say, shows off, or just hesitates to call, he will call back. If not, then most likely, you can proceed to the next candidate.

It depends on what setting you need to do. Your opposite will tell you right away if you are unhappy. A positive attitude on your part immediately affects your voice, and you become better on the phone. So work on your attitude when you are annoying phone calls - for whatever purpose!

Learn how to smile on the phone. If you're wondering how this should work, expert Claudia Fisher has an exercise for you: imagine a mirror and smile at yourself for 60 seconds. If you are practicing this for the first time, do not do it in the presence of others.

Locate a guy talking on a mobile is possible . Let him not be able to appreciate your beauty, but you can encourage him to take more active actions. The first thing to learn is that you don’t need to talk too much. Many girls, from excitement, and with the aim of appearing to be an interesting interlocutor, begin to chatter about everything without a word, from their views on monetarist theory to retelling yesterday in real time, until they hear a distinct snore on the other end of the line.

You will be within 60 seconds and you will feel strange. But after that you are better, and you can go on the phone with the next ringing with a smile. Alternatively, imagine that something positive on your desk reminds you. Be it a photograph of your last vacation, a photograph of your family, or another memory. Look at this if your mood is bad. After that you will be happier.

Only if you are well prepared for a phone call from you, can you also argue well. You cannot make conclusive sales negotiations from the booth. Then you can make empty promises and use suitable sleeves. Show customers by phone the benefits that they have in your service. Explain exactly how you want to continue and what your client has - transparency is important! Go to customers and send you messages. Then listen to your opposite, as if you are talking only about yourself.

Then listen to your opposite, as if you are talking only about yourself

It should be remembered that the best interlocutor is an attentive listener . You can make a much better impression of yourself by stimulating your interlocutor to talk about yourself, rather than trying to interest yourself. It sounds somewhat paradoxical, but it works. If you talk about yourself, the interlocutor will be sure that you are arrogant and arrogant, fixated on yourself person. If you listen, the guy will immediately understand how clever you are and know how to communicate perfectly. And this is exactly what we need. Do not think that you always have only to do what to look in the mouth of a young man and catch his every word, silently in a rag, this is not so. But, in the early stages, it will be a sensible decision to hold the tongue and more assent.

Summarize the conversation. If a phone call coming to an end, summarize what you discussed. Repeat the sentence, date and subject around it. Here's how you give the call partner an overview of what has been said. In addition, he has a chance to ask again if something is unclear.

If he does not ask himself, ask if he has any comments or additions. This is your customer service. And he will hang up when he hung up. Also ask what you can do for the talking partner. It may have occurred to him that he has another task for you. it open question and an invitation to follow-up business on your part. You will definitely not miss it.

Do not forget to smile! Many people think it is meaningless, because mobile phones have not yet evolved enough to transmit a picture, so that it will not be able to see your charming interlocutor. But it is not so. Talking to someone on the phone, we create his mental image in the mind. A smile during a conversation changes the tone of the interlocutor's voice and articulation. Recognizing a smiling person by ear is usually not difficult. So, smile during the conversation with the guy on the phone and he will see, as a reality, your attractive smile. So it will be easier for him to fall in love.

Use complaints as an opportunity. If the customer is on the phone, because he wants to announce his performance or products, let him talk. If emotions are in the game, you need a high degree of sympathy. Take notes while your contact is complaining. Between “listening” signals, such as “yes” or “I understand,” you draw your attention.

If he is “finished” or calm down, talk. Thank you first for your call, because without you you will not know about the complaint. Through the call you have the opportunity to correct your mistakes and satisfy the client. Then find a solution to the problem. Either you find them the same, or they say that you are back again. Then make an exact appointment when you can call the customer again or be there.

It often happens that the “ telephone relations ” are being dragged out, in no way developing into something more meaningful and real. Most often this is due to excessive timidity young man who can never venture on such a harmless thing as an invitation for a date. You shouldn’t rush it especially, but from time to time to hint as transparently as possible, that you are bored, that you are tired of sitting at home all day, that nobody calls you to walk. And repeat these hints from time to time. At some point, your timid Romeo still dare to this feat and offer to take a walk somewhere together. The main thing is not to laugh, because, most likely, from excitement - this will be the crooked invitation to date in your life.

Especially when you complain, it is important that you adhere to commitments. If you want to send a report a few hours after the call, do it. In the end, the client gave you the opportunity to do it through your call. If you do not fulfill promises, you risk disturbing customers.

Find a farewell. After reading the telephone conversation. Adjust the formality of a previously made call. Say “bye” if it matches the call partner. If you are not sure, you will prefer “Repeat” or “Farewell”. I wish you a nice day or a nice weekend, if it comes up on a weekday.

Well, if the invitations do not come, then it is quite possible to take the bull by the horns, frankly asking why he does not invite you to a date. Why lose? It's better than just burying another relationship. Suddenly work? But this extreme method is better, of course, to save for extreme situations when everything looks hopeless.

Also, go to the dialect when the customer speaks. Then you can also answer in dialect. This is an answering machine. If you are unavailable, discuss your answering machine or mailbox. And so that the client feels well caring, even if he has not spoken to you.

Do not use automatic ads. It is also not recommended to mix personal and automatic ads. Discuss the group yourself. Welcome to the caller with the words "Hello, you are connected with the picturesque business of Muller in Cologne." Then he immediately found out that he dialed the number he wanted.

And what has been revealed to women in this experience?
Muller, what do you want for a bathroom color?
Is it possible to fit a feather?
How to properly display signs of attention, so as not to frighten off?
Can I call first?
Write first?
They have become so fearful - what about the dragons, if they are afraid to even approach the lady of the heart?
For a date, for example?
Why lose?