The Awakening

Sergey Rubtsov

Sergey Rubtsov

Awakening is an absolute value, the only That, that can satisfy a human being. The world of an awakened person is the world of freedom!

What is freedom?
Freedon cannot exist separately from a person. The true or absolute freedom is freedom from your own mind!

Free people are those who live beyond their mind (thought process) and are not influenced thereby.

Sergey Rubtsov

Welcome to the web-site about Awakening and the Path to the Awakening (Enlightenment, Self-actualization, Liberation etc.), which is the most important and the most significant event in life of anyone.

On this web-site you can find information about:

  • What is Awakening (Enlightenment, Liberation and so on) and what are its vital conditions
  • What is the Path and what are its stages
  • What happens to any person who is taking the Path
  • What is the role of the Awakened (Enlightened) Master on the Path
  • What practices do you need

The main task of this web-site is to deliver information about Awakening to the largest possible number of people. If you are ready for the first step, you have to answer the question:

What is Awakening?

(or you can see the video with Sergey Rubtsov)